on Sunday, May 29, 2011
So it is summer in Chennai. I heard horrendous tales about how I would melt like Amrith vanilla ice cream, but nope , it looks like all the ice cream i have eaten in office cafetaria has comfortably settled around my hips and we can call it trainee engineer learning curve,just so that we can all feel better.
Anyway it is time to educate all the Bengaluru people with the Chennai Slang.
You never know when your offices might set shop in this city,considering the fact that our city is stretched to its limits and Chennai is ever expanding with its advanced MRTS and the new fangled metro which is being built at a pace which i find highly disturbing to my sluggish Bangalore senses.Anyway lets move on to the lesson.
The first lesson would be in Mokkai
Mokkai is your one stop shop word for everything. If the oxford dictionary had to define it , it would be defined as a 'poor joke'. But please do not be misled by such definitons. You can use it to prefix anything ,when i say anything , I mean anything under the sun. Such is the power of this adjecto-verb.A few examples to demonstrate the same.
What is all the fuss about royal wedding? It is so mokkai.
Or Mantri mall is the most mokkai mall ever.
Chennai weather is the mokkaiest etc etc

So you think mokkai is putting too much vetti scene?
HA!Caught you unawares,Did I?
Vetti scene simply put is showing off.
It is most commonly used in the form 'Romba scene podadhe' transalated to kannada, 'ThumBa Scene haaK beda'.
Alternative usages can be'Scene Party',used on unsuspecting well dressed colleagues from the HR.
You can use this phrase to slightly admonish colleagues who constantly complain about their unpreparedness for the CAT, but are secretly studying very hard on weekends that you spend playing angry birds.

This word can be roughly translated to facepalm. Finds a high occurance of usage among madras vasis who seem to take everything to heart.
Few of my friends tell me that this words could have its origins in the IIT in this city.

Lastly the phrase without which my stay in this city would have lost its meaning to my ickle grandchildren, grand neices and nephews.

If they ask me fifty years down the line about how my stay in Chennai was, I am not as gifted as Orwell to just fling a book called 'Down and out in Mambalam and Tambaram' at them and get back to my reading and sipping tea. I can only tell them I 'Kuppa kottified'

It translates to emptying garbage.Succint no?