22 july 2008

on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nuclear deal. Nuclear deal. 123. 123. Karat. Karat. Grand finale to four years of tumultuous marriage, thanks to a good divorce lawyer like Amar singh. The settlements have been made, we are told.Common souls like us do not understand what all the fuss is about, even after reading tomes about it in the HINDU. We should agree though that all the effort has been worth it. Entertainment on one rainy july day has made up for the year long dry debate and confusion. Cutting across to the point-

1.Rahul Gandhi- His speech was breaking news, as I drank my coffee all groggy on 22nd . We didn’t expect anything much from the congress general seceratry,. Few controversial remarks would have done the trick. Dammit! In the end it was a guarded speech read out to the lok sabha, I could clearly draw parallels between our youth scion and a school boy who is indulgently asked by a teacher to read a paragraph from the English reader. It was commendable that he stood unaffected as the bsp mp’s raised alarm, wisecracking with pilot, like he was expecting it. Foreign policy being debated in the Indian parliament is a thing of rarity we are told, this was one of the first and best opportunities for him to make his mark, to defend an honest politician like manmohan singh, instead he chose to make abstract connections between vidarbha and the 123 agreement, failing miserably as we saw. The sad part was that, the media tried really hard to save his ass. ‘ Rahul Gandhi brings about a human touch.’ A counter point raised by an other MP about poverty, which was only later clarified by our boy, made it to the news flash,- ‘poverty is directly related to energy security’. It is true that every election has been testing waters for him , the repeated defeats for the congress not helping matters, but too much focus on his apparent coming of age seems to have only made things more difficult for him. He is what he is because of what the media and people have made him out be. His grandmother was a fiery orator we are told , they also tell us that she was once a goongi gudiya, so we should just wait I guess?
2.Rajdeep- Man was in his element. Love him. Was at vijay chowk, to catch all the action live, I almost cried and threw a second tantrum for not sending me to Delhi, I could have stood among the aam jantha no? I would have stood outside the parliament drinking chai with the television crew, waaaaaaaaaaaah.
3.Omar Abdullah- Now our dear Raul can take a few lessons from him- about leaving an impression. Gave a passionate speech about how irrational it was to link the nuclear deal with anti muslim sentiments. He also set a precedent for next elections by talking about regrettable decisions he took when he was with NDA, some typical politician conscience talk, enjoyable though. He is damn cute also, he gave an interview to V once, years ago and I remember watching that channel ogling at him.
4.Missed lalu’s speech. Load shedding in our village.
Did Somnath chatterjee suffer from an heart attack? In the past four years? just asking.
P.S- S got to spend the whole day with a congress people and all.Was teeny weeny jealous but she wired some money into my account later. muaahhh