of flying caps

on Saturday, March 27, 2010
There are so many instances when you laugh your head off but that moment just dissipates leaving you with a light feeling in the head, this past week were full of these. Early twenties i guess , you earn your freedom, Amma and Appa fret, but not too much, they think they have raised you right, and apart from frantic phone calls ( they panic when you phone is out of reach or you dont pick your phone cause you are engrossed in a chick flick eating amazing potato fry), occasionally Amma will say that i have 'gotten out of control' and should be married off to the benefit of mankind, apart from this its all very wodehousian like a comfort read.
Anyway getting back to flying caps-
Naaandu and I are gearing up to ride all the way from suburbs of south to north Bangalore, when I with all my CAT cracking / engineer buddhi wear a cap to shield me from the cruel March sun.What happens? SUUUUUUyn, the cap flies inside S's Apartment, these two break into giggles and I feel stupid. But this is so not funny, when it happens in the middle of BEL road, with 401s, whirring past. Well, it so happened that it did fly off, and i told nanduuu about it. She stops the gaadi (no exasperation, trust me) and midst of laughter, asks me to go get it. Well i totally feared for my life and would not budge, one final threat and i slowly walked up to middle of BEL road to get it, all the while imagining what my Mum would say if lost an arm or leg in this adventure.
S makes amazing food, like your favourite aunt, who will add liberal portions of potato or cheese just cause you like it. I actually figured out how a kitchen works, and i make very watery maggi, also if you add pepper to maggi, the maggi goo in the end becomes sort of gross. I loved the tomato rice, cutting veggies and bonding over sour curd. waaaaaaah.
Driving at 1 am from jayamhal can be an experience, did you know that? Sounds godawful wannabe , but i would never forget that.
Girl talk is fun, and it so happens that, my humour turns willfully classic for the benefit of my friends, they call it my pillow moments. Otherwise I'm generally surly and sulky.
CTR/JANATHA totally pawn VB, Mantri mall will make me cry, haunts me even in volvos from banashankari to bommasandra. Sigh.
Waking up S and N can be a total pain. You cant even pour water on them, you save such priveleges for your younger sisters.Wooden snakes might work.
To the only boy who likes litchee cake, my brother jeep, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
There was a time when i was reckless happy, sometime in second year, i reckon certain things never change, though I feel very much at crossroads now, with too many decisions to make but this week was just perfect.
PS:whatever this template might say, smoking is injurious to health.