on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

These past two months have been different, I feel like I have been living in a completely different plane, the nitties- gritties of College has either become more tolerable or I have become completely immune to the monotony, the labs have become passe’, say analog lab and the second year kids will pee in their pants , in third year you don’t even flinch, the entire circuit which you rigged up painstakingly, muttering ‘BB roy of great Britain had a very good wife’ under your breath, has been condensed to an ‘ IC’ and voila , everything is much simpler. I have been ranting about this only to draw a parallel between my analog lab and how in the same way , everything I cribbed, cried, got depressed about doesn’t affect me anymore. Yesterday was a holiday, an extended weekend in the parlance of why-11pm-deadline people, I on the other hand spent the whole day lazing around, reading , dissecting the paper, watching private practice, washing my bags , helped amma arrange the dolls , spent an hour at the tailors’ taking lessons on aunty behavior. Now such a mundane day would have troubled me in the past, I would have hated the feeling of wasting time, for not pursuing stuff I like doing, basically finding more reasons to hate myself. I’m not troubled anymore by things I lack (not in the worldly sense). There is a faint sense of hope somewhere, that things will pan out, I’m scared that someone might call it overconfidence, and I will switch to the denial- anger mode. I should not be posting this, no no no.