Of hope

on Thursday, November 27, 2008
Well past the submission deadline, we sat in the ladies room giving finishing touches to our microprocessor’s record. My friend who came in a little later, with updates on the Mumbai fiasco sparked anger, a little later resigned to my fate, and thinking what would be running on jayanthi natarajan’ s mind (congress spokesperson to whom we owe many laughs to), this is what we thought of, it made the tension (of the record, not Mumbai) effervescent-
RS- my favorite man, sardesai
JN- well you know her
RS- how do you explain the lack of intelligence reports to the PMO?
JN- rajdeep( in a tone in which aunties admonish, little boy’s who throw cricket balls into their compound)- the prime minister and the cabinet had to keep the phone lines free, you see ,we were waiting for Mr Obama’s call.
Sigh, I’m glad I don’t have cable television, right now