pent up energy

on Friday, May 30, 2008
Its nine. A, L and I drive back in a haze, after a slew of phone calls, reminding us that it is raining. We stop at A’s place, the light drizzle becomes a strong enough reason for us to stand in her balcony , talking of trivial stuff , the conversation revolves around--why A cut her hair, helmet rule, one of them mention hazzaron khwahishein aisi'for god knows what, L is worried that I don’t have a jacket.. .. we don’t say it but it seems like yesterday we laughed with our ladybird cycles in between us.. we call Lava and ask her to come over. She cribs about her pyjama condition ,turns up anyway. We don’t hug. She asks us if we are staying over at A’s place? We call, beg, plead, but our parents say no, and politely remind us that it is ten o’ clock.
We still cling on, A teases her neighbour’ s 8 month old lab. He seems surprised to hear so much chatter at that time of the night , in the quiet road ,that he doesn’t even bark. And he has the brownestttt eyes ever.
I get dropped off , message the three of them that I reached. Now I cant sleep.

Q: why is he wearing a white t shirt? A :Election time

on Monday, May 19, 2008
Its in the air. Elections time, We know it. How? When certain tormenting beings ,self styled dictators in our classrooms , masquerading as lecturers are posted on election duty, you cant thank the EC enough, trust me. There are other signs too which you cant miss , even if you want too.
Blink. there is a new hoarding. For once, annavaru ‘s benign smile doesn’t greet us, Whether it is DR Rajkumar road or the one and only mysore road. Instead its madam sonia, rahul ji , Krishna and manDya Da Gandu Ambareesh juggling in the borrowed space . If you look closely, there are numerous others protégé’s , ‘we are thugs, but look, we are all clean shaven,making a great effort to smile and look respectable in here, so better vote’. The best one was muthappa rai ‘s poster greeting all muslim brothers ‘ID MUBARAK’, near circle, Model code of conduct anyone?
When I mention model code of conduct, there was no autorickshaws with rusted mikes goading us to vote on sleepy afternoons , ‘ I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a wheezy voice calling out ‘kaMaLLake maTha needi’. Another sure sign was the tune of the conversations in all modes of transport, especially in the canary yellow college bus , our normally reticent driver whom Krishna ( almighty, not our ex maharashtra governer, ) would have been more than happy to point out as a model karma yogi, started talking about ticket distribution with his cronies. The route 276 in BMTC was vehement against hardanahalli’s famous son.The model right winger that I’m I loved eavesdropping on these convo’s, you don’t necessarily have to ;considering such talk is loud enough to beat the grunting of the engine and honking traffic. The most remarkable thing was the fact that Arun jaitley set the mood for the oncoming frenzy by kicking off his rally in malleswaram grounds, I would have almost missed him in my homeground, lest P’s timely message. Just made it as yedurappa signed off, handing over the show to this lawyer turned politician. Jaitley looked like he could do with a hair cut though I still wonder if it was a part of bonding with the masses strategy, he spoke in hindi , his public school English refusing to let him go. For once the kadlekai sellers, KWALITY walls ice cream guy and the beedi smoke didn’t bother me, the man was in flesh and blood , not on ndtv or ibn. Ananth kumar was at his sulky best ( driSHti Gombe for the entire show,trust me),acting like he was doing all thathas of malleswaram a favor by turning up. This man can compete with deve gowda when it comes to unpleasant facial demeanour. Everytime jaitlay took a dig at rahul ji, we clapped with the beedi crowd, landmark day it was, I was now determined to vote.
Other lesser known effects of Karnataka going to polls is the fact that my remote has stopped working and Appa thinks we should get a new one so that we don’t have to waste precious time over tapping the remote, while flipping through every news channel in our cable network. Yes, we might constitute the sole viewer ship of suvarna and Xtv.
Also pizza hut leaflets were briefly replaced by the bjp mla’s campaign leaflet,promising us stuff we couldn’t care less about.
The madness will continue till the counting is done. I will then sulk like it’s the end of an other habba or birthday.

election time crushing

on Saturday, May 17, 2008

yes! he is cute. why am i twenty in the wrong age?