one act play on a saturday

on Saturday, July 18, 2009
shivu- my 12 year old cousin sister
sanku 9 year old dragon ballzee obsessed brother
me - the clairvoyant grown up (hahha)
sanku ( points to the federer pictures my sister has cut up, lying around in a stash and cheekily says- shivu is that your boyfriend?
shivu gets extremely flustered and starts punching the now guffawing brat.
(i'm silently enjoying this universal sibling tiff and laughing)
shivu loudly complains to the 3 aunts in the living room about the 'badword'
hushed silence.
sankalp yaako aval praana thinthiya?
on Wednesday, July 1, 2009
I have exams, and analytical instrumentation tomorrow. Well , this subject actually made we want to study physics again and experience that leap of joy when you understand how something works around you. I’m studying engineering, and this is exactly what I should be experiencing on a daily basis, but to my misfortune its only been despair, well that’s for an other day. This is a purely self indulgent post about where I want to be few years from now. Now that I’m in final year( scary) and people all around me are making plans I’m totally in crisis mode. So I’m going to write this and see if it helps me.
1. Every girl wants to be princess. I can’t tell you how true it is. I have downloaded all the ten books of the princess diaries series and living my fantasy in them, or they rather gave me this fantasy. Arghh.
2. Election commissioner and a controversial one. I will totally aid the politicians I want to win, a certain saffron party will know rebirth in my hands. After my tenure I can travel around the world and teach ickle countries how to hold elections. Woooohoo. I can’t even imagine the joy.
3. Civil services- Ok, I have heard the line that I want to change the system hence writing Upsc some hundred times already and let me tell you I have no such intentions, instead I’m planning to write the exam so that I can somehow live in a nice bungalow in Lutyens, get calls from north block and south block, address the press as Secretary- ministry of XYZ (Damn you- Nirupama Sen).I could even become the Indian high commissioner to Pakistan or Sri lanka, if I get lucky Iran. Also this is the only way if I have to achieve ambition no- 2
4. An MBA and then work for a publishing house, but I still can’t envision myself in that corporate wear being a power lady (fantasies). My instinct tells me I don’t belong there. Darn.
5. Write a book or co author one with S.Become really rich , go around the world for book signings. May be win a man booker or two.
6. Quizmaster - I used to think of it when I watched bqc and mastermind as a kid. But RV sort of ruined it for me.
7. Marry Dalrymple.
8.Work in RV admin block. But I guess those guy’s are trained by management wing of ISI so no chances there.
9. Amma might implement plan b.
Being a software engineer doesn’t figure in this.
Ill go drown my misery in princess in pink.